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Removable face shield

Warm air “tent”

The Neonatal Plus blanket MA2240 features tuck-in flaps and a removable face shield, to form a “tent” of warm air surrounding the head of your ventilated patient.

Fold the tuck-in flaps along the sides to optimise warming, whenever the MA2240 is used as upperbody. As underbody, the flaps of the MA2240 may be used as cover.

Mistral-air MA2240 Fase Shield
Docter covering up patient for patient temperature management

Blue to body

Blue 2 Body is the norm when using our warming blankets.

Mistral-Air® blankets need to be used with the soft blue material towards the patient’s skin. The blue side provides the air distribution towards the patient.

Always unfold and position the blanket with the blue side towards your patient skin.

Two air inlets for more flexibility

Use the hose clamb

There are two air inlets to provide more flexibility when positioning the Mistral-Air® warming unit. Rotate the blanket to position the air inlets at the preferred side.

The Neonatal blanket MA2240 is suitable as upperbody and underbody.

Connect the hose to the hose connector until the ring is fully plugged in. Secure the hose with the hose clamp, and switch on the Mistral-Air® warming unit. Warming therapy begins at the default temperature setpoint of 38 degrees Celsius.

More information on Forced Air Warming
Mistral-air MA2240 Hose connector

Mistral-Air® Plus Blankets Materials

  • Skin side: diffusing layer (blue)
  • Non-woven material: Polypropylene (PP) / Polyethylene (PE)
  • Outside colour: white

Mistral-Air - Forced Air Warming
Mistral-Air blanket stays in position

Controlled diffusion

• Optimal heat transfer & distribution towards patient
• No floating
• No disruption of airflow in the surrounding environment

Safety standards

• Non-allergic (non-latex)
• Non-flammable (16 CFR 1610)
• Non-linting (EN 13795)
• Biocompatibility
• Non-toxic ( ISO 10993)
• X-ray translucent

Mistral-Air blankets dots plus

Deflection dots

• Optimal air distribution
• The warm air of the high-volume Mistral-Air® blower is evenly distributed in the warming blanket due to the aerodynamic attuned design of the Mistral-Air® warming blankets.


Specification Value
Dimensions 1160 x 1330 mm
Application Underbody: OK. Upperbody: holding/pacu, IC
Position Supine, Prone, Lateral
Surgery Various surgeries to neonates <1 year
Quantity box 40 pc
Specification Plus blanket Premium blanket
Reference number MA2240 MA3340
Hose connectors 2 2
Apply as upperbody ánd underbody
Insulating, water repellent top layer -
Mistral-air MA2240


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