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How we assist the medical industry:

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We know that hypothermia is fully preventable

This is why we are passionate about ensuring that all patients undergoing surgery have a healthy and comfortable body temperature, with solutions that are effective, simple to use and environmentally friendly, everywhere in the world.

Confidence in the quality


We have confidence in the quality of our products and distributed ranges. Each product is tested before being offered to customers. Offering impeccable service is essential.

ISO, CE, 510K


The Surgical Company PTM has all the necessary certificates, such as ISO, CE, 510K in conformity with the standards practiced in the medical industry.

Strive to excel


All employees, suppliers and related professionals, working for or with The Surgical Company PTM, strive to excel in their performance to achieve improved clinical value.

Focused on quality


Focused on quality, The Surgical Company PTM also adheres to the guidelines proposed to contribute to a better environment by selecting cleaner raw materials and by contributing in the removal of packaging materials.

"As a company, we have identified our core values. Our goal is to improve patient outcome."

Drs. Luc Van Schil

CEO The Surgical Company Group

Get the best products for your clients

In a market that is constantly evolving we are always ahead of the curve.

Our daily engagement is to offer support to our customers; in order to respond to market needs and those of tomorrow. You can count on us! Our motivation is best expressed by the in-house chosen theme “CLIENT” focusing on our common values:

C reative

L ively

I ntegrity

E fficient

N o nonsense

T otal commitment

Our history

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company, headquartered in The Netherlands, has grown both organically and through mergers and acquisitions to a Group of 4 companies employing 150 employees and generating Euro 135 million in annual sales.

Creation of The Surgical Company BV (NL)

Focused on the Benelux markets, specialised in surgical, anesthesia and intensive care specialty products.

Merger with Granulab BV (NL) and Granulab Sarl (FR)

Specialists in Patient Temperature Management. Founded in 1984, Granulab has been fully integrated in the Group.

Acquisition of SEBAC SAS (FR)

Founded in 1974, active in specialty products for Patient Temperature Management, Airway management, Ventilation and ICU.

Acquisition of SEBAC Diagnostics SAS (FR)

MSR founded in 1980, specialised in lung function diagnostics and related products. Now integrated in Adhesia SAS.

Creation of The 37Company (NL)

Concentrating on R&D, manufacturing and exports in the field of patient temperature management, leading to proprietary products such as Fluido® Air Guard System and Fluido® Compact and the Mistral-Air® range.

Acquisition of ADHESIA SAS (FR)

Founded in 1946, concentrating on lung function diagnostics, interventional specialties, orthopedic support products and general medical disposables.

Creation of The Surgical Company GmbH (DE)

A distribution company, specialised in Patient Temperature products, Airway management, Ventilation and ICU products for Germany.

Acquisition of KP Medical (NL)

Founded in 1999, is now fully integrated in The Surgical Company BV.

Integration of the Welch Allyn (FR)

Sales and distribution activities in SEBAC SAS and ADHESIA SAS.

Acquisition of Opus Medical (BE)

A surgical specialties distributor in Belgium, now fully integrated in the Group.

Acquisition of Sensium Healthcare (UK)

Developing a wearable system for monitoring of vital signs.

Acquisition of Hospithera (BE)

Since 1962, the Leading Medical Device Distributor in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Acquisition of Axess Vision (FR)

Producer of single use flexible endoscopes.

Sebac and Adhesia merge (FR)

The companies Sebac and Adhesia merged to become The Surgical Company SAS.

Duomed Group acquires the TSC Group’s distribution activities

In the markets of France and the Benelux

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Our international distribution is setup through an extensive and high qualified Business Partner network. The Business Partners guarantee maximum care for quality, knowledge, service and continuity.

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