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Why preventing hypothermia is so important

The TSC-PTM portfolio provides an all-in-one solution for keeping the patient warm during the entire perioperative pathway.

Hypothermia is a decrease in core temperature (36.5- 37.5°C under normal circumstances) because of exposure to cold.

“Unwarmed anaesthetised patients become hypothermic, typically by 1–2°C. Even mild hypothermia causes various complications.” (Prof D I Sessler MD. Perioperative thermoregulation and heat balance)

These complications may lead to a mostly unwanted longer stay of the patient in the hospital, with higher costs for the hospital as a result. The Surgical Company PTM, provides solutions to keep patients normothermic during surgery.

Medical staff

Specialization through innovation

The Surgical Company Group

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company Group consists of 4 production companies that develop, manufacture and distribute a full range of specialized medical equipment and supplies for healthcare professionals. The Surgical Company PTM, Patient Temperature Management, is one of the production companies. A leading European company acting on a global level in the field of hypothermia and offering solutions for patient warming.

60 countries

The Surgical Company PTM has become the preferred partner of hospitals and health professionals worldwide.

5 product lines

The PTM portfolio includes complete and complimentary product lines for preventing inadvertent perioperative hypothermia.

50 million patients

The Surgical Company PTM supports milions of patients worldwide maintaining normothermic, through a global network of qualified Business Partners.

4 TSC companies

The Surgical Company PTM is part of The Surgical Company Group, with sister companies Endovision, Connected Care and Hemologic.

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This is why it's rewarding to work at The Surgical Company PTM

Doctor and young patient

Support millions of patients per year

From infants to elderly patients, your contribution supports them in staying normothermic during anesthesia and improve their outcome.

International company

TSC-PTM is a Dutch company, but distributes its portfolio globally. We have an intensive, strategic partnership with a global network of qualified Business Partners.


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