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New Broncoflex™, designed to be different

The new Broncoflex™ brings innovation, simplifying equipment management within hospitals. With only two sizes, it covers the full range of flexible bronchoscopy indications.


The Broncoflex™ was designed to address the current needs and challenges facing hospitals associated with the use of flexible bronchoscopes.
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Our specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions and to find the right solution for you.

Our solutions

This new generation brings users a device of uncompromising quality, in which suction, image quality and ergonomics are central to the system.


Bronchoscopes are now essential pieces of equipment, used by different medical specialists for a broad variety of clinical indications. Find more about our solutions.
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Specialization through Innovation

The Surgical Company Group

Founded in 2006, The Surgical Company Endovision produce and assemble in a manufacturing facility in Tours, France. We develop, manufacture and distribute a full range of single-use bronchoscopes. We continue to grow by making selective choices from the latest developments in healthcare.

69 countries

The Surgical Company Endovision has become the preferred partner of hospitals and health professionals worldwide.

30 distributors

We have over 30 distributors thanks to a dedicated sales team and tailormade solutions.

100 employees

The Surgical Company Endovision is made of a dedicated team, our ambition is to provide solutions adapted to the needs of health care professionals for the benefit of patients.

How can we help you?

We focus on intramural healthcare with the main goal of making available the most modern and qualitative solutions for the above target groups.


Training video Broncoflex – Single Lung Ventilation

How to control the correct placement of a double-lumen tube for single-lung ventilation, using a single use bronchoscope. This training video demonstrates the technique of insertion and controlling DLT for SLV with a bronchoscopy. The Broncoflex Agile is co...


Training video Broncoflex – Intubation

Intubation and difficult airway management using a single use bronchoscope. This training video shows the technique of awake intubation with a bronchoscope. The Broncoflex Agile is compatible with ET-tubes of 5 and larger.

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