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Virtual37® is a Temperature Management Tool, developed in order to support health care professionals in maintaining normothermia a...
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Mistral-Air® MA1200

The Mistral-Air® Plus Warming Unit is a Forced Air Warming device for enabling Patient Temperature Management and achieving normot...
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Adult Plus blanket MA2220

Adult Plus MA2220

The Mistral-Air® Adult Plus is a full-body blanket designed for Patient Temperature Management in the perioperative pathway.
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Premium Adult blanket MA3320

Premium Adult MA3320

Mistral-Air Premium Adult is a full-body blanket with an insulating top layer, designed for Patient Temperature Management in the...
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Premium Paediatric MA3330

Premium Paediatric MA3330

Mistral-Air® Premium Paediatric MA3330 is a full body blanket with insulating top layer, to warm a child (>1 year) in peri-oper...
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Paediatric Plus blanket MA3330

Paediatric Plus MA2230

The Mistral-Air® Paediatric Plus blanket MA2230 is a full body blanket designed to warm child (>1 year) in the peri-operative p...
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