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Controlled diffusion

The controlled diffusion of air combines a high-volume blower with a low-pressure blanket.

The warm air of the high-volume blower is evenly distributed in the warming blanket due to the aerodynamic attuned design of the warming blankets. The warm air is diffused – quietly and evenly – through the specially designed (permeable) material of the Mistral-Air® Warming Blankets on your patient.

Mistral-Air blanket stays in position

HEPA H13 filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air filter

Optimal elimination of air contaminants reduces the risks of concentration & communication errors in the OR.

Optimised warming unit

Improve patient outcome through safe, comfortable and smart patient warming.

The Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming unit complies with the latest market expectations. It allows therapy to start within 30 seconds and is comfortable to handle. The warming unit is lightweight, easy to clean and made of impact resistant material.

“Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming solution offers a high-quality range of dedicated products to optimise patient warming throughout the entire perioperative process.”

Mistral-Air MA1200 Slim design

Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming unit

  • Optimised heat transfer due to Multi Sensor Technology & Powerful Fan
  • Elimination of air contaminants by the HEPA filter
  • Ergonomic and flexible in use as a result of the slim & lightweight design

Mistral-Air - Forced Air Warming
Mistral-Air blanket stays in position

Blanket stays in position

• Optimal heat transfer & distribution towards patient
• No floating
• No disruption of airflow in the surrounding environment

Mistral-Air Quick Connector

Mistral-Air® Quick Connector

Due to the Quick Connector, the hose is easy to connect and release, and therefore easier to clean. The Quick Connector also reduces the chance of damaging the blower and hose.

Mistral-Air Warming Suit

Mistral-Air® Warming Suits

• Prevention is the best solution
• Maximal coverage of the skin
• For passive and active warming: replaces hospital or surgical patients gowns, cottons linens and Forced Air Warming blankets

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Voltage, Frequency, Current 220 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3.2A
Average power 600W
Weight 5.2kg
Power cord length 4.0m
Hose length 1.8m
Set temperature 32ºC, 38ºC, 43ºC or Ambient Air
Medical setting PTM portfolio


Forced Air Warming portfolio

Our complete Forced Air Warming portfolio helps healthcare professionals to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improve patient outcome. The portfolio consists of the Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming unit, Mistral-Air® Quick Connector, Mistral-Air® Premium Blankets and the Mistral-Air® Blankets Plus.
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Adult Plus blanket MA2220

Adult Plus MA2220

The Mistral-Air® Adult Plus is a full-body blanket designed for Patient Temperature Management in the perioperative pathway.
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Premium Adult blanket MA3320

Premium Adult MA3320

Mistral-Air Premium Adult is a full-body blanket with an insulating top layer, designed for Patient Temperature Management in the...
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Mistral-Air Upper Body Plus MA2260

Upper Body Plus MA2260

The Mistral-Air® Upper Body Plus MA2260 is designed to warm the upper part of your patient in supine position with both arms posit...
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Mistral-Air Premium Upper Body MA3360

Premium Upper Body MA3360

The Mistral-Air® Premium Upper Body MA3360 is designed to warm the upper part of your patient in supine position with both arms po...
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