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One button operation and easy cleaning

The Fluido® Compact combines ease of use with low operational costs. The intuitive control panel can be operated with only a single button. The disposable set consists of a cassette, a 400mm long patient line and is also available with a 700mm long patient line, a drip chamber, and an access point.

It is an easy-to-use device to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improves patient’s outcome.

Fluido® Compact Disposable sets
Fluido Compact Standard Set with dripchamber

Durable and long-lasting design

Maximum patient safety through multiple temperature sensors

The Fluido® Compact Blood and Fluid Warming system components have a durable and long-lasting design. The device is maintenance free. The Surgical Company recommends conducting an electrical safety test and over-temperature alarm test once a year.

The embedded software enables maximum patient safety through multiple temperature sensors and an independent safety control system. It provides accurate and safe Blood and Fluid Warming.


Move easily with the patient between different systems

The Fluido® disposable sets move easily with the patient between different systems. This allows the caregiver to warm IV fluids for the patient across departments with only one disposable without having to move the warming unit.

Fluido Compact Warming Module

“Prime, insert the set, switch on and the Fluido® Compact is ready to use”

  • Control Module
  • Warming Module
  • Standard Set
  • Optional drip chamber

Fluido Compact
Fluido Compact Warming Module

Warming Module

• Optimal long term heat transfer
• User friendliness in daily use
• Protected against splashing of water

Fluido Compact Control Module

Control Module

• Easy use and maximum safety
• One button operation
• Smart warming

Fluido Compact Standard Set with dripchamber


• Standard Set
• Standard Set with drip chamber
• Parylene coated aluminum plate

Fluido® Compact Disposable sets

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Size 285 x 120 x 195mm
Weight < 1700g
Voltage 100 - 240V~ (50/60Hz)
Max. power 160W
Power 1400 Watt
Normothermic Flow rate range 5-100 ml/min
Set temperature range 39°C
Warm-up time No warm up time


Blood and Fluid portfolio

Our complete Blood and Fluid portfolio helps healthcare professionals to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improve patient outcome. The portfolio consists of the Fluido® AirGuard System, Fluido® Compact, Fluido® Irrigation and a complete range of disposables.


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