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Improve your results by using Virtual37

  • helps you to become more comfortable with our Patient Temperature Management (PTM) portfolio
  • contributes to your role as a consultant for your (potential) customers
  • improves the sales strategy concept by showing that the best results for warming patients are obtained by combining the different therapies
  • increases awareness about PTM and our PTM product portfolio by demonstrating Virtual37 during your training courses, workshops, conversations with clinical specialists etc.

PTM Guide

PTM Guide

We have created a flow chart showing PTM guidelines during the entire perioperative pathway.

The PTM Guide and key factors are based on the international guidelines of S3 (Germany), NICE (UK) and ASPAN (USA), and have been created together with feedback from our Business Partners.

PTM Guide

Introduction video

This video explains the working of Virtual37 with a little bit of fun in it.

Virtual37 Introduction video

Validated by University Hospital Ghent, Belgium:

“To avoid the negative clinical impact of surgically induced hypothermia, understanding and awareness about the mechanisms of a patient’s warming balance is essential.”


Complete TSC-PTM portfolio

Our complete TSC-PTM portfolio helps healthcare professionals to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improve patient outcome. The portfolio consists of Mistral-Air®, Fluido® Compact, Fluido® AirGuard System, Fluido® Irrigation and Thermoflect®.
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Mistral-Air® MA1200

The Mistral-Air® Plus Warming Unit is a Forced Air Warming device for enabling Patient Temperature Management and achieving normot...
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Fluido® AirGuard System

Fluido® AirGuard System is a Blood and Fluid Warming system helping maintain normothermia by providing consistent normothermic blo...
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Fluido® Compact

Fluido® Compact is a low to moderate flow Blood and Fluid Warming system. It is easy to use, safe and cost-effective with an outst...
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Fluido® Irrigation

The Fluido® Irrigation Fluid Warmer is designed to deliver large volumes of normothermic irrigation fluids at optimum flow rates....
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