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How we assist the medical industry:

TSC Life is now live in UK !

Merge of our two business unit – TSC Life

Arab Health 2024

TSC Connected Care today announces the acquisition of all assets from the Connected Health Group.

Network clinical specialists

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Best-in-class products

We focus on (intramural) healthcare with the main goal of making available the most modern, innovative and qualitative solutions for our target groups.


The Broncoflex™ was designed to address the current needs and challenges facing hospitals associated with the use of flexible bron...
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The Thelma smart medication dispenser alerts you when its time to take your medication. At the push of a button your correct dosag...
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Virtual37® is a Temperature Management Tool, developed in order to support health care professionals in maintaining normothermia a...
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Mistral-Air® MA1200

The Mistral-Air® Plus Warming Unit is a Forced Air Warming device for enabling Patient Temperature Management and achieving normot...
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Fluido® AirGuard System

Fluido® AirGuard System is a Blood and Fluid Warming system helping maintain normothermia by providing consistent normothermic blo...
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Fluido® Compact

Fluido® Compact is a low to moderate flow Blood and Fluid Warming system. It is easy to use, safe and cost-effective with an outst...
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Fluido® Irrigation

The Fluido® Irrigation Fluid Warmer is designed to deliver large volumes of normothermic irrigation fluids at optimum flow rates....
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Reach out to our specialism

The Surgical Company is a private group of speciality medtech companies that focus on innovative solutions for patient temperature management, single-use endoscopy, wireless patient monitoring and non-invasive hemodynamic assessment.

TSC Life companies

TSC Life is a group of specialist companies that helps to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide

Patient Temperature Management

Patient Temperature Management is a leading global company in the field of hypothermia. The core business is all about offering solutions for patient warming, about keeping patients at a constant healthy body temperature.

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Endovision develops and manufactures flexible endoscopes, hereby reducing the risk for cross contamination during its clinical use. TSC Life, pioneer in single-use endoscopy, conceives, designs and produces solutions of the future with high added value, meeting the needs of health care professionals for the benefit of patients.

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Connected Care

TSC Connected Care provides turnkey solutions to help free up beds and staff to deliver more and better patient care! Sensium, our ICU grade wireless monitoring technology, has been shown to reduce Length of Stay by 10-30%. Thelma, our smart medication dispenser, can free up to 66% of home care workforces.

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Innovation with purpose

TSC Life

Founded in 1993, TSC Life is a private group of speciality medtech companies that focus on innovative solutions for patient temperature management, single-use endoscopy, wireless patient monitoring and non-invasive hemodynamic assessments. TSC Life commercializes its proprietary products in the major healthcare markets worldwide through direct and indirect sales channels.

3 Companies

Together, to improve patient outcome with innovative solutions.

200 Employees

You can Count on all of us to complete our mission.

3 Manufacturing

We operate 3 in-house manufacturing sites in Europe

Global operations

Our operations are based in the US, the UK, France and the Netherlands

Our news items

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Connected Care

Sensium® detects Respiratory Depression

Sensium® detected opioid induced respiratory depression, while patient was incapable of alerting the nurse, 2.5 hours before next scheduled observations.

Connected Care

Postoperative remote monitoring

This paper looked at Sensium and other continuous monitoring systems for the post operative period and concluded that establishing monitoring in hospitals requires ‘complete restructuring’ of work, and that the optimisation of alars and notifica...

Carbon Reduction Plan

Commitment to Achieving Net Zero
TSC Life is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050