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How we assist the medical industry:

PTM World Congress 2022

Duomed Group completes acquisition of TSC Group’s distribution activities in France and Benelux

ESA Congress – Milan

TSC Endovision and Flexicare : distribution partnership for the Broncoflex™ Single-Use endoscopes in the USA

Best-in-class products

We focus on intramural healthcare with the main goal of making available the most modern, innovative and qualitative solutions for the above target groups.


The Broncoflex™ was designed to address the current needs and challenges facing hospitals associated with the use of flexible bron...
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Mistral-Air MA1200 Front top

Mistral-Air® MA1200

The Mistral-Air® Plus Warming Unit is a Forced Air Warming device for enabling Patient Temperature Management and achieving normot...
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Wireless hospital monitoring


Sensium® is a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients outside of high acuity areas, including l...
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Virtual37® is a Temperature Management Tool, developed in order to support health care professionals in maintaining normothermia a...
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Reach out to our specialism

The Surgical Company is a European based contry, developing, manufacturing and commercialising innovative products with a focus on anesthesia, surgery, neonatology and uro-/gynaecology.

The Surgical Companies

The Surgical company is a group of specialist companies that helps to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide


Connected Care

Connected Care propose a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs. Sensium accurately and reliably monitors and reports heart rate, respiration and axillary temperature, notifying clinicians of changes in patients’ vital signs and bringing the nurse to the deteriorating patient.

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Endovision develops and manufactures flexible endoscopes, hereby reducing the risk for cross contamination during its clinical use. The Surgical Company, pioneer in single-use endoscopy, conceives, designs and produces solutions of the future with high added value, meeting the needs of health care professionals for the benefit of patients.

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Hemologic develops an early outpatient hemodynamic assessment, wireless-wearable- non invasive device as easy as taking an ECG.

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Patient Temperature Management

Patient Temperature Management is a leading global company in the field of hypothermia. The core business is all about offering solutions for patient warming, about keeping patients at a constant healthy body temperature.

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Specialization through innovation

The Surgical Company Group

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company Group consists of 4 companies that develop, manufacture and distribute a full range of specialized medical equipment and supplies for healthcare professionals. The Surgical Company Group is a major player in the medical world in Europe, present in France, Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. We continue to grow by making selective choices from the latest developments in healthcare.

4 Companies

Together, to improve patient outcome with innovative solutions.

200 Employees

You can Count on all of us to complete our mission.

143 m€ Sales

A strong company at your service.

Hoe kunnen we u helpen?

Wij richten ons op intramurale zorg met als hoofddoel het beschikbaar stellen van de meest moderne en kwalitatieve oplossingen.

Connected Care

Sensium® detects Respiratory Depression

Sensium® detected opioid induced respiratory depression, while patient was incapable of alerting the nurse, 2.5 hours before next scheduled observations.

Connected Care

Postoperative remote monitoring

This paper looked at Sensium and other continuous monitoring systems for the post operative period and concluded that establishing monitoring in hospitals requires ‘complete restructuring’ of work, and that the optimisation of alars and notifica...