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Thelma Smart Medication Dispenser

The Thelma smart medication dispenser alerts you when its time to take your medication. At the push of a button your correct dosage, for the correct time is automatically dispensed.

Once your medication has been taken it sends a notification back to your care team to let them know, if you fail to take your medication as expected an alarm can be generated.

All Thelma Interactions Monitored

All interactions with Thelma can be monitored by a home care organisation, informal carers, or clinical research organisations.

Thelma ensure that those who need to know about your medication activity have all the information they need whenever they need it.

Clinical Interface

The medication status of all your clients can be monitored in real time through our beautifully engineered clinical user interface.

The view can be broken down by care team so you only see the information relevant to the clients that you are looking after.

Integration with Pharmacy Systems

Thelma takes medication information directly from the pharmacy that produced the “Baxter roll”. Using this information Thelma can check that the right client has the right medication for them.

If an incorrect medication role is loaded into a Thelma it will not get dispensed and an alarm will be generated.

Integrations with Alarm Service Providers

Thelma is able to integrate with most alarm service providers by using industry standard secure messaging protocols to pass alarm information to wherever it needs to go.

TSC Connected Care have decades of integration experience and are confident that we can meet any requirements for alarm delivery to any external  interface.

The smart assistant for at home medication use

Thelma Users can be more independent and free up carers to look after additional clients. loved ones can track Thelma client’s medication use allowing them to be more informed carers.

All interactions with Thelma are logged and can be reviewed by the care team. For any issue that requires clinical intervention an alarm can be generated and targeted to the right care team, alarm service provider or informal care giver.

Read our Thelma deployment case study


A digital solution to aid with medication compliance

Effortless and scalable deployment

Our technical support team utilise years of experience supporting clinical change to rapidly deploy scalable, remote monitoring and medication management solutions with minimum effort to hospital/homecare clinical and IT staff.

Clinical change management

Our in-house clinical team will work with you to define a deployment program, developed using change management expertise. This program reviews current clinical practice, provides support for developing new standard operating procedures (SOPs) and on-going analysis of the new systems once deployed.

Training and ongoing support

We have developed high quality, CPD accredited training programs, delivered by Nurses onsite or online. Detailed training videos and quick reference guides are also made available.

Our evidence

Peer-reviewed publication

Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCIng): a feasibility randomised controlled trial

The Sensium System, featured in the ‘Trial of remote continuous versus intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCINg)’ study, positively impacted length of stay and reduced admissions to Critical Care.


Rethinking Hospital Efficiencies – The Role of Wireless Patient Monitoring

The event ‘Rethinking Hospital Efficiencies – The Role of Wireless Patient Monitoring’ highlighted how technology can be used to deliver efficient patient care in the post covid era.

Technical specifications

Right medication dispensed
Dispensed at the right time
Dispensed for the right patient
Easy "plug & play" solution
For any missed dosage
Alarms can be routed to care team
Thelma status (connectivity & battery) constantly monitored
All alarms fully auditable
Track all your clients medication statuses
Care team view - only see your clients
View historic and future prescriptions
See all events in real time
Baxter Roll information taken directly from packaging pharmacy
Connects to all Alarm Service Providers
Custom alarm delivery available


Experts in innovation implementation

TSC Connected Care understands that the implementation of innovation is not always as easy as it sounds. We have years of experience, assisting healthcare providers with this task. With a dedicated Clinical and Technical team, we can help navigate the implementation and integration into your care service.