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Thelma - Straightforward medication use at home

It can be quite daunting, taking the proper medication at the correct time every day. Especially when you have different medications to be taken at different times during the day. Thelma® is a smart dispenser that can give you the correct medication with the touch of a button. Your healthcare provider or informal carer can monitor your medication use online.

  • Maintain your independence
  • Remote monitoring
  • In the safety of your own home

Meddy - Complete and current overview of each client's medication use

With Meddy you always have a complete and up-to-date overview of your client’s medication at hand. All caregivers involved have access to and insight into the client’s medication use – not just the nurse, but the pharmacy, general practitioner and informal caregivers as well. Every action and every notification can be seen in real-time in the Meddy platform. It is not just quick, but safe as well.

  • Electronic registration of medication administration
  • Double-check for high-risk medication
  • Collaboration across chains of care

Ally - Working together to achieve safe anticoagulant care

Ally replaces error-prone manual processes in anticoagulant care and ensures a safe, fully digitised process. Ally makes the digital dosing schedule available to all treating care providers – an important safety control when working with high-risk medication.

  • Digital processing of INR values and/or notifications
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Quick, digital communication