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The Surgical Company PTM offers the portfolio of Thermoflect®, heat reflective technology, that can be used complementary to Forced Air Warming and Blood and Fluid Warming.

5 Complimentary products
60 Thousand warmed patients p/y
30 Selling countries


Thermoflect® contributes to maintaining patient normothermia. The innovative material reflects patient’s radiant heat, while preventing convective heat loss.When obtained it can result in significant advantages:

  • Less surgical site infections
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Thermoflect® Portfolio

Thermoflect® products are lightweight, durable and move easily with the patient throughout the perioperative pathway: during transport and in emergency situations. TSC-PTM supplies:

  • Blanket, Medium and large
  • Cap, Adult
  • Legging, Adjustable
  • Roll
  • Papoose, Infant

Forced Air Warming

Our complete Forced Air Warming portfolio helps healthcare professionals to prevent inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and improve patient outcome. The portfolio consists of the Mistral-Air® Forced Air Warming unit, Mistral-Air® Quick Connector, Mistral-Air® Premium Blankets and the Mistral-Air® Blankets Plus.
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View all products

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