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Date: January 22, 2024 

Our products are provided exclusively for the benefit of healthcare professionals. Therefore, healthcare professionals must always oversee the use of our products. Decisions regarding the use of specific products for individual patients must be based on the independent professional clinical judgment of the healthcare professional. TSC Life (“We”) does not (intends to) provide medical advice and strongly advises healthcare professionals to undergo comprehensive training on the usage of any specific product before incorporating it into a medical procedure or surgery.

Healthcare professionals are obligated to diligently consult the package insert, product label, and/or instructions for use, inclusive of guidelines for cleaning and sterilization (if applicable), before employing any product distributed by TSC Life. The information presented on our website,, only serves the purpose of illustrating specific products and the extensive range of offerings from TSC Life.

Product availability may vary among markets due to adherence to regulatory standards and medical practices specific to each region. For inquiries pertaining to the availability of particular TSC Life products in your area, kindly liaise with your designated TSC Life representative.

For more additional information about the safety standards of our products please consult with your TSC Life representative. 

This disclaimer underscores the significance of independent professional judgment, comprehensive training, and strict adherence to product-specific guidelines for healthcare professionals utilizing TSC Life products. It also addresses regional variations in product availability based on regulatory and medical practices. For any queries related to the availability of specific products, healthcare professionals are encouraged to contact their designated TSC Life representative.