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Training video Broncoflex – BAL

Training - 1 March 2022

Broncoflex - BAL

Training video: how to perform a bronchoalveolar lavage using a single use bronchoscope: the Broncoflex Vortex.


BAL training video

In intensive care, bronchial endoscopy is a common practice in indications for treatment of atelectasis and the clearance of bronchial secretions.

A bronchoscope is also often used in intensive care to collect microbiological samples in the event of suspected pneumonia.

The Broncoflex™ , through its high availability, helps reduce treatment or sampling time by bronchoscopy for screening of common infections in intensive care.

Broncoflex Vortex characteristics : wider working channel of 2.8mm in the same ET tube

Benefits : maximizes suction and limits negative overpressure

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