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Broncoflex – Tracheostomy cannula

Clinical video - 19 June 2023

Broncoflex – Tracheostomy cannula

Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) is a commonly performed procedure in critically sick patients. It can be safely performed bedside by intensivists. It consists of the insertion of a cannula into the trachea following prolonged intubation or after a failed attempt to withdraw mechanical ventilation.

In this video, the bronchoscope is introduced through the tracheostomy cannula inside the trachea.

The single-use bronchoscope, Broncoflex Agile is used to visualize the all procedure.

Broncoflex characteristics: image quality significantly improved

Benefits: clearer and more detailed distal vision

Broncoflex – Tracheostomy cannula

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