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Broncoflex – Double lumen endobronchial tube check placement

Clinical video - 19 June 2023

Broncoflex - Double lumen endobronchial tube check placement

The use of a bronchoscope is recommended for the placement and verification of the position of double-lumen endobronchial tubes, and this, throughout the procedure.

In this video, the single-use bronchoscope, Broncoflex Agile is used to check the positioning of the DLT.

Broncoflex characteristics : small external diameter of 3.9mm

Benefits : compatible with all 35Fr double lumen tube

Broncoflex - Double lumen endobronchial tube check placement

In cardiothoracic surgery, it may be necessary to exclude ventilation of the lung that is being operated on or located close to the site of surgery using a double-lumen tube. Single lung ventilation involves ventilating one lung and letting the other collapse for providing surgical exposure in the thoracic cavity or isolating ventilation to one lung. The protective role of the single lung ventilation involves protecting one lung from the ill effects of fluid from the other lung – which may be blood, lavage fluid, malignant or purulent secretions. Thus it is prudent to ensure perfect placement of the tube as a misplaced tube defeats the goals of lung isolation or differential ventilation. This is ensured by bronchoscopy done after tube placement and after any position changes thereafter.

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