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Hospital at home in numbers

of patients found Sensium comfortable ?

reduction in chance of long-term care admission 10

lower cost 7

Simple plug and play

Patients can be discharged from the hospital wearing a Sensium Patch and taking our simple plug and play system home, efficiently enabling home monitoring. Patients can also be monitored at home in a ‘virtual ward’, avoiding the need for hospital admission completely. Recovery at home using remote monitoring allows patients the freedom and space to recover in their own surroundings.

  • Plug and play Bridge with cellular connection
  • Propriety communication with long range 100m connection
  • Activity/posture tracking puts vital signs in context of home activities

Hospital-grade vital sign measurement

Over 25 peer-reviewed publications have proven that the Sensium system has led to the following clinical and economic benefits:

  • Patient comfort and safety – Comfortable, unobtrusive patch, patient felt safer2
  • Economic benefits – 29% Reduction of length of stay and 80% Reduction in unplanned critical care transfers3
  • Earlier intervention – treat sepsis 6 hours faster­­4

Benefits to patients

Hospital at home

Patients feel better mentally

Patients who received hospital@home interventions had lower depression and anxiety than those who remained in-hospital 10

More movement, more recovery

Patients are found to move much more when they are at home 6

Helps a system under pressure

Studies suggest that hospital@home has similar or better clinical outcomes and that it warrants more consideration in health systems facing capacity concerns and rising costs 9

Most appropriate care setting

Monitoring patients in novel areas allows for treatment in the lowest possible acuity care:

  • Enhance ward care by introducing level one plus areas, reducing unnecessary HDU stays
  • Monitor patients at home before surgery
  • Send patients home faster3

Reduce costs and improve satisfaction

Research has demonstrated that hospital at home programs can reduce costs and improve patient experience of care6. Monitoring patients at home with Sensium, gives all the benefits of H@H programs with the reassurance of hospital-grade monitoring and clinical oversight.

  • Overall reduction in cost of care6
  • Higher service through-put
  • Higher patient satisfaction – research has shown patients had better experiences receiving hospital at home care6