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Specification Agile Vortex
Endotracheal tube placement
Double-lumen endobronchial tube positioning
Blonchial blocker positioning
Difficult intubation
Bronchial inspection
Endoscopy-guided tracheostomy
Expectoration after postural drainage
Bronchoalveolar lavage
Specification Agile Vortex
External diameter of insertion tube (mm) 3,9 5,6
Internal diameter of operator channel (mm) 1,4 2,8
Angle of deflection 220/220° 200/200°
Compatibility ET sonde 5 mm 6 mm
Compatibility DLT sonde 35Fr 41Fr
Sterilisation ETo ETo
MDD Classification IIa IIa
Ordering information 20030001 10030001
Specification Screeni
Screen size 10,1 inches
Résolution de l’écran 1280 x 800
Physical memory size 16 Gb
Input connector 1 1 x USB type A
Input connector 2 1 x endoscope input
Digital video output HDMI (1280 x 720)
MDD classification IIa
Ordering information 30030000